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  • Factory best selling China PS6000 Single Phase Line Interactive UPS with Long Backup Time

    The company’s UPS power supply is specially designed for the power system, using chip control, is a conversion device that converts the electricity of the city and the battery into uninterrupted, purified AC power, which is used to provide a continuous AC power supply for computers and other electrical equipment in case of power instability and power outage. It can also prevent various distortions of power grid, such as power supply voltage drop, surge voltage, peak voltage and broadcast frequency interference.

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    Product Features

    1. 1.Excellcent performance, high reliability and efficiency, small size, attractive appearance;
      2. With the function of electric supply stabilization, no need to connect to stabilizer, bypass input on the back panel for the convenient use of printer.
      3. Wide input voltage, normal input for electric supply between 160V-270V;
      4. Available to connect to house generator for power supply;
      5. Strong load adaptability, available to connect to printer, computer and fax machine., etc.
      6. Electric supply restart function, modified pure sine wave output when in inverting;
      7. Three-stage stabilization function with high precision;
      8. Widely used among 500,000 reliable customers.

    No matter new customer or previous client, We believe in prolonged time period and trustworthy relationship for Factory Price China PS6000 Single Phase Line Interactive UPS with Long Backup Time, "Making the Products of Large Quality" is definitely the everlasting purpose of our enterprise. We make unremitting endeavours to know the target of "We Will Always Hold in Pace along with the Time".

    Factory Price China UPS, Long Backup UPS, Our merchandise are widely sold to Europe, USA, Russia, UK, France, Australia, Middle East, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, etc. Our goods are highly recognized by our customers from all around the world. And our company is committed to continually improving effectiveness of our management system to maximize customer satisfaction. We sincerely hope to make progress with our customers and create a win-win future together. Welcome to join us for business!

    We have been proud from the higher consumer gratification and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product or service and service for High Quality for China PS6000 Single Phase Line Interactive UPS with Long Backup Time, Living by good quality, enhancement by credit score is our everlasting pursuit, We firmly think that immediately after your stop by we are going to become long-term companions.

    High Quality for China UPS, Long Backup UPS, In order to meet more market demands and long-term development, a 150, 000-square-meter new factory is under construction, which might be put into use in 2014. Then, we shall own a large capacity of producing. Of course, we will continue improving the service system to meet the requirements of customers, bringing health, happiness and beauty to everyone.

    Our company promises all users of the first-class products and the most satisfying post-sale service. We warmly welcome our regular and new customers to join us for China Wholesale China PS6000 Single Phase Line Interactive UPS with Long Backup Time, We are honest and open. We look ahead to the stop by and setting up trustworthy and long-term standing romantic relationship.

    China Wholesale China UPS, Long Backup UPS, During in 11 years,We have participated in more than 20 exhibitions,obtains the highest praise from each customer. Our company always aim to provide the customer best items with lowest price. We've been making great efforts to achieve this win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us. Join us, show your beauty. We'll always be your first choice. Trust us, you will never lose heart.








    ??Input Voltage?Range


    Output Voltage


    ± 10 % (Bat. mode)

    Typcial 4-8ms, 13ms?max


    Simulated Sine?Wave

    ??Battery Type &?No

    12V/9Ah x?1


    4-6 hours recover to 90%?capacity


    279 x 101 x 142?mm

    Net Weight (kgs)


    Humidity 0-90% RH @ 0-40°C non-condensing)

    Less than?40dB


    Problem Possible Cause Solutions
    LED not lit The UPS is not on. Press the power switch again to turn on the UPS.
    Battery voltage is too low. Charge the battery at least 6 hours.
    Battery fault. Replace the battery.
    The UPS always on battery mode. Power cord loose. Re-plug the?power cord.
    The UPS continuously beeps. Please check the fault code for the details. Please check the fault code for the details.
    Backup time too short. Battery voltage is too low. Charge the battery at least 6 hours.
    Overload. Remove some unnecessary loads. Before reconnecting equipment, please verify that the load matches the UPS capability specified in the?specs.
    Battery defect. Replace the battery.

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